Rockin Demo dancing to Turn Me Lose by Loverboy #2

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source: YOUTUBE/ Maria Demo

At the moment The Rockin Matthies can't upload videos directly to Facebook!



Guys please leave ROCKIN demo alone... In the past some of the haters ordered two times a taxi and pizza to the adress of Rockin Demo! Facebook is a place for people to express themselves and this is what ROCKIN demo does everyday to entertain you guys out there. It is okay that you leave negativ comments sometimes but this behavior is just cowardly and wrong. Please respect ROCKIN demos private life before she is going to find out who these people are and sue them for what they did! It is sad that you can get somebody down with your cyber bullying that is a fun loving person. Everday you do ROCKIN demo wrong she is going to lose the will to do videos for all you people out there. You can hate it or love it but please stay fair.

Hey fan's

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source: YOUTUBE/ Maria Demo

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    Shitthefuckingbed (Wednesday, 10 May 2017 23:57)

    Do you own a bra? That is fucking gross! Looks like mangy dog nipples poking through your filthy top. So disgusting!!!!!!! And Chris is a woman with big titties until he / she gets them cut off! Have you realized that?
    Maybe you can love it anyway , who knows... but for Gods sake clean your self up and go to the dollar store and at least get a training bra!