United States of  America bombs Syrian air base

source: Youtube/ CBS News 

United States of  America bombs Syrian air base

After the poison gas attack in Syria on the Idlib region executed by the Asad regime, with 89 people killed. The President of the United States of America Donald Trump, then had the Syrian Air Base Al Shayrat bombed with 59 missiles on Thursday evening . In order to prevent in the future the use of deadly chemical weapons and to deter to put a signal. Donald Trump said that it was clear to him that Syria would use chemical weapons
and it was the duty to repay the use of chemical weapons but it is not clever that Trump tries that on his own and without the UN. 

What do you think ? Is Trump really  interested in regulations anymore.

It must be said that these 59 missiles should destroy  the Syrian airbase so that this can be no longer used also for chemical weapons attacks against the Syrian population. It's just stupid that all the runways are intact. Now Trump on twitter for it "The reason you do not hit the runways is that they are easy and inexpensive to quickly fix"


Trump wanted to  attack hangas and the aircraft or also important saddle systems so rather strategic objectives but now  Syrian combat jets starting again.



Altogether  Trump has tried with nearly 60 missiles  to bomb the Syrian air base what did not work so it was not possible for him to set a sign. The whole thing brings unfortunately worries and  tensions not only between the Syrian regime and the United States but also between Russia and the U.S.



The problem with this is that these poison gas attacks were not proved. Russia and Syria said it was a chemistry factory wich was hit by the bombs.

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