Rockin Demo singing Something In Your Mouth by Nickelback

source: YOUTUBE/ Maria Demo

That's why you should listen to music every day!

Scientist all over the world saying that music influences our blood pressure,
breathing and our heart beat. People that leave  the hall after a concert before
knows the feeling. Such great hours can not be planned, unlike the beautiful
places in music.


Music is a kind of pressure relief for many people for others it is sport or
something else even people who are suffering from Alzheimer's disease still
remember their favorite song and are able to feel happy again.


An old lady was able to sing her favourtie pieces from earlier times. Music is
therefore much more than just a tone  which hit our ears from CD players and
headphones, Smartphones etc. What kind of music makes you happy  and motivates


The following song motivates Rockin demo to rock on.

source: YOUTUBE/ Maria Demo

This is for the fans!

In the last months rockin demo had a hard time. As we all know her husband broke
up with her but rockin demo does dance with the same passion as before and gives
their funny and entertaining videos with good music that certain something.

Rockin demo loves to sing. In this video video below Rockin demo sings a song
for a fan. You want Rockin demo to sing a song for you and your friends? Write
her simply private message on the fanpage or leave a comment on facebook if
you're lucky maybe your song already is the in next video.

Make sure you share the rockin matthies with your friends&family on facebook.
What videos would you like to see in the future just tell us in the comments
below or on facebook!

This is why you should dance every day

  1. Dancing will help you to understand how your body actually works.
  2. Dancing creates a space for you and your body to move around, whether it is embarrasing or graceful.
  3. Dancing will help you feel more disciplined, confident.
  4. If you are single and sad about it you might even fall in love during dancing.
  5. Dancing can help you to give courage to try new things.
  6. Dancing can help you to improve your work ethic.
  7. The last point regular dance practice will challenge you through physical pain.

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    OH ERICA!!!! Were you living with Wes and Maria during all this time? I knew there was a roommate, but I didn't know it was you.

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