What a privilege watch what happened to these guys

credit: YOUTUBE/ Steven Sloan

Today we got a stroy about three friends in a boat, off the coast of Anderson Island. Seems like a normal day of fishing.

But it turns out they going to make a creepy experience as they were in the middle of Orcas right under them.

Steven Sloan uploaded the video on Facebook and Youtube and said, " My friends and I were at rhe west coast of Anderson Island and although we could not really catch anything, after we wanted to go home we were really close to the Orcas, everyone talking about, we were in a small boat we think that the sound of the boat attracted the orcas. "

People all over the Internet and on YouTube video stated, "I hope they recognize how privileged they are have such a meeting."

source: YOUTUBE/ Steven Sloan

Look how gentle their movements were as they show up under the boat it looks likes  if they knew they had to be careful with the little humans on board. It is no whonder that orcas count to the smartest animals on our planet.


We just think  the orcas heard the yelling and excitement on the boat...They wanted to say hi .... Seems like they love humans there isn't a single account of an Orca attackon people in the wild we heard a about people that swim with orcas in the wild.

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