Only A Few Have Seen Lions Attack On Bufallo In Real Life

source: YOUTUBE/ GS Features

Tourists saw a helpless buffalo as a pack of massive lions tried to attack the buffalo. Because the action was only a few steps away from cars, the people on Safari were holding their breath.

Thhe tension between the lions and the buffalo had been rising for a few minutes the thrilling moment happens when the lion jumps to bring the almost helpless buffalo down. More and more lions jump on the buffalo and try to bring it down to the ground.


But you would never guess what happens next.

The 2-minute video has reached millions and millions of clicks since it had been posted last year.

When the video starts, the buffaloes look around. Then one of them stops  and start to turn around to the male lion who came closer and closer.

The buffalo looks like he would start a attack, but after the buffalo flee the lion follows.
After that we can she how the lion slaps his claws into the back  of the buffalo and tries to bring it down.

Another lion joins the scene then they try it as a team, the two male lions grab the buffalo now he moans when he realizes is in a trap. But it seems like it is not to late becauser the lions not made the killing bite but it is clear that the end is near.

But enough talking we found the video online and now you can watch it!

source: YOUTUBE/ GS Features

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