Officer down passerby captures tragic moment


One of the sadest moments ever for the Police Department in Texas Houston was captured in a picture that went viral all over the Internet and we going to find out why. In the picture we can see, a Houston police laying on the ground and hug his horse, who was beaten by vhicle that were passing by. The officer was injured he had ridden the horse and had to visit the hospital.

 Thirty-eight horses and thirty-two mounted officers working for the city of Houston,Texas. They train donated horses and sometimes they buy them. Way before the horse is placed on the streets, they have to pass a ninety day training and have to proof that they are the right ones for law enforcement. Every officer can choose his horse by the basis of temperament and riding skill. Ones the officer chose his horse they become like friend or family every officer is then personally responsible for the care and health of his horse.

The Police Department in Texas also makes working on a program that does not use horseshoes so the horses would feel much better. This program is going to be accepted by other departments throughout the country.

Some breave animals  have served our communities in the law enforcement agency as long as we have communities only think about all the dogs that did a great job. They always do their work with passion and make great companions for police officers out there on these dangerous streets.

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