He should better not steal parking spot from granny

source: YOUTUBE/ Qpolitical

Check out the video below a reason why you should never steal a parking spot

Right at the beginning of the clip, you can see a jeep parking and there is a  Toyota Prius in black waiting to take the empty spot.

After the Prius is want to driveinto the spot, out of no where a Honda cruises through the parking lot and sweeps into the free spot the Prius waited for.

The driver of the Honda pulls in and then quickly steps out of the car. The guy wich looks like a punk is wearing a baseball cap and talking to someone on his cellphone like nothing happened. He does not even care care about the old lady that waited patiently till the spot gets free.

Now Grandma becomes really angry, she gets out of her car and opens the back door.

The old lady wich could be about eigthy years old lady pulls out a wooden baseball bat steps up to the Honda. She starts to swing the baseball bat like a professional baseball player she takes it into the windscreen of the van and begins to smash the glass.

Then she goes back to her Prius before the guy returns and receive his instant karma.


We found out that the clip was footage was recorded in April 2015 more than 500,000 people have watched this clip all over the web. Here are the best responses and comments for this video:


" I'd do the same...Punks Beware! Granny gonna give you some learnin'! ....LOL "



"My method is less violent, if you steal my space I simply park behind you and block your exit! Guy jumped out and said you can't do that. My reply was see you in two hours or so, have lots to do he said I'll only be 10mins, okay, I will back out now or you can wait. "



" If there is batman, then there's also a batwoman "

source: YOUTUBE/ Qpolitical

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